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Many of today's Web Application Security training courses make Web Application Security concepts feel like "magic" by not addressing the practical application of these concepts to our daily responsibilities. Using the tools they use and the techniques they've learned from years of Web Application Security consulting and software development, Practical Security Services provides training that focuses on blending highly technical concepts with a proven methodology to form an optimal learning experience. Training also provides Practical Security Services an opportunity to share a passion for Web Application Security and software development with individuals who directly affect the state of security for the applications that impact our daily lives.


Training Options


Practical Security Services schedules public classes all over the world. While historically public classes have only taken place in the United States, Practical Security Services is willing and able to travel abroad. Public classes are made available through several arrangements:

  • Hosted by Practical Security Services directly.
  • Hosted by Practical Security Services in association with a host company.
  • Provided through partnerships with conferences and events.

Pricing for public classes hosted by Practical Security Services use the same pricing model as private training (see the "Private" section for details) with the exception of the inclusion of travel. However, prices may vary when training is provided through partnerships where the partner controls the pricing, or when travel costs are excessive (i.e. major city centers or international). These changes would be reflected in the individual ticket prices.

For classes hosted by Practical Security Services, there is a minimum class size of twelve students that must be met two weeks prior to public training events or the event may be canceled. In the event of a cancellation, paid participants will have the option of a full refund or credit toward a future training opportunity. Credits apply to training organized by Practical Security Services LLC only. Otherwise, all purchases are final and refunds may be issued on a case by case basis at 97% of the full value to cover processing fees.

For companies looking to host a public class, Practical Security Services minimizes overhead for the host company by managing all of the financial logistics. The host company is only responsible for providing the training space and associated requirements. Practical Security Services also provides incentives to the host company. Please contact us for details.


Practical Security Services charges a flat rate per person per day for private training, regardless of the course. Rate may vary based on location, travel duration, etc. There is also a minimum private class size of ten students. Travel is billed as an onsite training fee in addition to the class rate. If you are unable to meet the minimum class size, there is the option to pay the equivalent fee of minimum attendance, or host a public class and permit non-employees to register in order to meet the minimum requirement (see the "Public" section for details).


  • "I just completed my first paid pen test as an after hours gig. Thanks to your class, I had a solid methodology to follow. I went down the list and it went better than I expected. I found stored XSS, IDOR, Session Fixation, insecure JWT storage, CSRF and more. I would have never been able to do this without you. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to take the class again!!"

    - Joe S.
  • "This is the most beneficial, real-world applicable course I have ever attended on web application penetration testing. In three days, Tim walked us through his expert methodology on assessing web applications and provided insight on the most recent vulnerabilities that are currently being found and how to test for them. Excellent course."

    - Steve D.
  • "I've been in IT for 24 years and have taken dozens and dozens of training classes. I've left most of those classes feeling like the value of the class for the cost wasn't worth it. That was completely the opposite for your class. I left wondering why it was so cheap. Without a doubt it was some of the best training I've received in my career."

    - Jeremy Archer
  • "I've taken several different trainings/certifications to include: OSCP, eMAPT, ePPT, Sans (GCFE and GMOB); your training and method of instruction blew these away. You've given me the gift of knowledge and I greatly appreciate it!"

    - DJ Phishes
  • "Thank you for an amazing class! Truly inspirational. I'm probably one of the newest from your Springfield class to the security world, but you were able to teach and present all of the information in a way that was not only at a level that could be easily understood, but was engaging and fun!"

    - Blaise Lacktis
  • "Seriously can't recommend the PWAPT and any other PractiSec's trainings enough. Learned so much and will be using the course content as a resource for a long, long time."

    - Jake Servaty
  • "If you are a Web App Pen Tester and have not taken a class from PractiSec you are missing out! Do yourself a favor and check it out! Without a doubt the best training I have ever taken!"

    - Gh0stHax
  • "If you prefer in-person training, the best out there, hands down, is PractiSec."

    - Heath Adams
  • "Had the opportunity to attend PBAT & PWAPT by PractiSec last week. Tremendous insight and tradecraft within this Burp-centric course. Great content, highly energetic instructor, tons of real-world examples, many hands-on exercises. Highly recommended!"

    - Grumpy
  • "It has been a long time since I have taken a course where I gained new knowledge and insights plus be able to immediately implement it within my team!! Good for beginners and experienced testers."

    - Jennifer
  • "Just finished best security training I’ve done yet! Learned everything, high level methodology, foundational concepts, tools, tips, tricks, everything. ABSOLUTELY worth your time! Thanks PractiSec!"

    - warrenkopp
  • "Just wrapped up PWAPT with PractiSec! By far, one of the best technical courses I have ever taken with an exceptional instructor. Putting Tim’s methodology immediately into action to get the job done! Amazing value! Thanks for all you do for the community, Tim!"

    - Michael Holcomb
  • "I recently attended the PWAPT taught by PractiSec. By far the best security training that I have attended in my career. Tim built and executed this course like a Jedi master. Not only great content, but the wisdom to deliver on the materials at every step."

    - Bob Thibodeaux
  • "Tim did an awesome job teaching PWAPT. One of the best teachers in this industry. Went back to work with immediate value to enhance Security of my workplace web app Security."

    - Trell Williams
  • "I can't say enough good things about PractiSec's Practical Web Application Penetration Testing course. Tim delivers information in a very digestible, and immediately useful way. I highly recommend this course to all AppSec professionals."

    - Joshua Dow

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